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Chibi Destrah by Raiikka Chibi Destrah by Raiikka
Oh My god how long has it been since I started uploading Destrah and Kay? Besides yesterday. Well I had my Takiko spurt now I suppose the other girls need to get drawn as well. Nioel included soon. Nioel I find as a funny character actually. I cant wait to draw some stuff with her. Anyway Anyway this is Destrah~ The Omicron Holder

Story: Destrah was kidnapped when she was only 5 years old and was immediately experimented on. She was put through many different tests that many kids would not have survived, she was lucky to. During one of her tests, a scientist came in with a new species that infects the user. It turns out this was Mimicino, and Destrah was given Cronus at the age of 6. Cronus began trying to protect Destrah, by going berserk during tests, however this would cause some of Destrahs body to rip open. She was stitched up (poorly) afterwords, and would have to endure hell a little longer. Later on in the plot Destrah fights Shy and Naomi and after a fight joins them. (HOW THIS HAPPENS I CANT SAY CAUSE ITS SPOILERS AND SUCH FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE COUGHMALEEKDAISYCOUGH)

Interactions with other Characters:

Cronus -- Destrah at first hated Cronus, but after it is explained he only meant to protect her, she begins to feel for Cronus. She becomes almost a mother to Cronus, helping him learn and grow.

Shy -- Destrah has a slight crush on Shy, however not learning or knowing much about the modern world, she doesn't know how to flirt with him. Instead she often will end up just silently admiring things Shy does, and will attempt to get to know him better. Shy has no clue of this and just takes Destrah as super friendly, which pisses Nioel off to the extremes.

Nioel -- Destrah and Nioel have a sort of frienemy relationship. As long as Destrah doesn't admire Shy, Nioel is fine with her. But when she does....

Naomi -- Destrah thinks of Naomi as her Big Sis, and even adopted calling her that. Naomi will often get panicky or flustered when this happens due to her previous twin's fate. Still, they both care for eachother and would be devastated to let eachother go.

Kay -- Kay acts as sort of a Current Day World guide to Destrah, explaining how things work. The two eventually become really great friends, and Kay even attempts to help her with her crush on Shy.

Phuku -- Destrah is deathly afraid of Phuku. Being that she was already subjected to experimentation and Phuku almost always says he wants to experiment on a different person each day. Phuku absolutely ADORES the fear that she gives off, and will often harass Destrah for personal enjoyment.

Koda, Showstopper and Fusion -- Coming Soon.
SofiaGirl121 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh the cute chibiness!
Raiikka Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Student Filmographer
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