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Are you my Mommy? by Raiikka Are you my Mommy? by Raiikka
This little cutie-pie is the most powerful demon in all of Shy's Series. His name Is Cronus the Omicron.
Story: Cronus actually lives inside of Destrah, and is a connection between the real world and a place known as Hell's Gate. When people are hurting Destrah Cronus gets scared, and thus he has become very paranoid over any little detail. Cronus attack people who try to harm Destrah through the stitches all across her body (His entire being living in the large stitch in her stomach) Until Naomi ends up calming Cronus and Destrah down, he would overact to even citizens coming near Destrah, thinking they were a threat. Although Destrah thought Cronus hated her and that was his reasoning, he actually thinks of Destrah as his mother, and will do everything to protect her.

Interactions with Other Characters:

Destrah-- Cronus was put inside of Destrah at a very early age by Mimicino. Due to this though, Cronus found Destrah to be more of a mother figure rather than his tool. Cronus only cares for Destrah, however having the title of strongest demon and being the Gatekeeper to Hell, he often gets mistooken for a dark entity in Destrah. When Koda speaks with Cronus Destrah begins to learn his true intentions and begins to care for him. Destrah often will take care of Cronus as if he was a baby, giving her a bit of a mother and son relationship with Cronus.

Shy -- Cronus thinks of Shy as a father figure, Shy being the first male to treat Cronus nicely. Cronus will tend to cling to Shy if Destrah is not with him (Which hardly ever happens). Although Shy cares for Cronus, Shy gets into a nervous wreck when Cronus calls him Daddy and Destrah Mommy.

Naomi -- Cronus thinks of Naomi as an older sister, and much like Destrah calls her Big Sis. Cronus sometimes overacts to Naomi's threats to the others and takes it personally (Resulting in a Crying fit) then Naomi must calm him down and explain that she was joking

Showstopper and Phuku -- Cronus is actually deeply frightened by both Showstopper and Phuku, thinking of them as "big bullies who want to take him away from mama."

Kay -- Cronus doesn't interact much with Kay, and doesn't even remember her name half the time. Naomi told him her name was something rude, in which Cronus obeyed. Eventually Cronus nulled it down to Big Big Lady instead of what Naomi told him.

Nioel -- Cronus actually hates Nioel. He thinks Nioel is always trying to hurt Shy instead of make him fall in love. Because of this, Cronus actually fights with Nioel very very often.

Fun Facts -- Cronus can actually transform his body from a solid to a liquid, this is how he was able to be inside of Destrah for so long. However, when he does transform, it usually requires an extreme amount of power, and so he only transforms twice in the series.
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